Jansen Mine Project




2016 - Ongoing


Mining & Minerals

The Hatch Bantrel Joint Venture (HBJV) is executing the Jansen Stage 1 (JS1) potash project as an integrated Project Team (IPT) with BHP. The Project is located in Jansen, in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada and the stage 1 scope spans across the entirety of this greenfield Potash Mine, including key components such as the development of a greenfield two-district underground potash mine underground to the ore-handling and storage circuit leading to a single, integrated wet, dry, and tailings processing mill building out through a product-handling and storage circuit to a first of its kind train load-out system. A tailings management area and all supporting infrastructure and utilities are also being concurrently executed in this key mega project to allow BHP to stand up its Potash Asset.

The Jansen project, located in the world's best potash basin, is BHP's first potash mine and provides the product for the company's entry into this business. The goal of the Jansen project is to develop potash mining operations that will expand over several stages to a maximum production rate, potentially exceeding 16 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), and with a total operational life exceeding several decades. Future stages will be connected to JS1 by the ore supply and will utilize most of the same infrastructure facilities developed for Stage One.

On August 17, 2021, the JS1 project was provided full sanction by BHP. Upon completion, JS1 is expected to produce approximately 4.35Mtpa of potash. 

Services Provided

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management

Completed By

  • Bantrel Management Services Co.
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