Safety for Site

Industry Leading Safety Expertise

Bantrel HSE is an industry leader in safety expertise and provides Clients with safe and environmentally conscious execution that results in industry leading data.

Personalized Experience

Our team is personally involved with each project and has a vested interest in ensuring that the work is performed with the protection of people, property, and the environment at the forefront. Team members are selected through Client collaboration and focuses on required skill sets for specific scopes of work and project needs. 

Reduce Costs

Bantrel has experience in interpreting regulations, which assists clients in resolving orders or directives issued by various regulatory agencies. Our experience in WCB claims management in most Canadian provinces allows Clients to minimize costs associated with claims.

Safety for Site

What does safety for site look like to Bantrel: innovation, behaviour-based management and loss prevention, health and safety management, workforce management, health, safety, and environment compliance, and environmental regulatory compliance.




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