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Bantrel Calgary Canstruction® - Mad at Heart


Bantrel participated in the 17th annual Canstruction® event supporting the Calgary Food Bank. The event brings together teams of engineers, designers, architects, and builders to create structures out of non-perishable items. This year’s theme: Alice in WonderCAN.

#TeamBantrel built the Mad Hatter, known for his green top hat and his celebration of unbirthdays.  Bantrel is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, and 364 unbirthdays. Two queen of heart guards complete the design – aptly named Mad at Heart. Utilizing nearly 2,000 cans, the structure is 160 complete meals of 10 servings each. The edible structure is now on display in the +15 of Stephen Avenue Place. We thank Colliers and Slate Asset Management for hosting our team. 

Eight other teams have participated this incredible, edible event using over 37,000 cans and over 2,300 volunteer hours which will fill over 10,000 hampers!
Explore other Alice in Wonderland structures South Centre mall until March 31.





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