2024 Sustainability Report


In 2024, we proudly embrace our new Mission of Building Canada’s Future. After 40-years of serving our Clients, it is nostalgic to look back at the impact Bantrel has had in shaping our resources, infrastructure and community. We look forward to continuing this positive impact and the integration of low-carbon solutions into our projects.

Bantrel has also adopted a new set of corporate values that shape and focus our decisions and relationships. The Values of Integrity always, Deliver as promised, and Care for what matters, define doing the right thing, make a promise — keep it, and prioritizing personal growth in our participation in our communities and protecting the environment.

We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, embracing social responsibility and governance into the core of our business strategy. Our 2024 Sustainability Report highlights our achievements, and our impact to the environment, our projects and communities.

Join us in the following pages for highlights of our recent actions to help build Canada’s future.

Bantrel Sustainability

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