Pipelines & Terminals

Over 3M design hours executed across Canada

Since 2014, Bantrel has analyzed over 300 transient hydraulic flow paths and has completed transient hydraulic studies for several major terminals—providing projects with niche expertise. From mainline block valves to leak detection improvements and emergency power generation, our skill set and standardized designs have been applied to and incorporated into over 100 locations across Canada.

Bantrel has a dedicated and experienced team of engineers that form part of the dynamic/transient analysis and hydraulics team, often contracted for third party services by various clients.

Bantrel teams have expertise in designing a broad range of pipeline, terminals, and facilities, including:

Pipeline Expertise

  • Above ground and underground pipelines
  • Product lines
    • Dilbit, crude oil, diluent, steam, finished product, gas
  • Steady state and dynamic/transient hydraulic analysis
  • Piping stress analysis and transient stress analysis
  • Dynamic foundation analysis for rotating equipment
  • Horizontal directional drilling engineering design
  • Material selection and welding specifications

Terminal Expertise

  • Meter bank manifolds and distribution manifolds
  • Instrumentation and Electrical buildings
  • Firewater and foam buildings
  • Surge relief facilities
  • Sending and receiving traps
  • Large storage tanks and firewater storage tanks
  • Storm water retention ponds
  • Fire protection systems and layouts
  • Instrumentation and automation
  • Electrical substations


Bantrel Capability

Bantrel Capability

Bantrel demonstrates expertise in designing a broad range of pipeline,
terminals, and facilities, this includes transient analysis, vapour recovery, and retrofits.

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