Local Expertise - Global Reach

The Bantrel Advantage

Bantrel builds and manages global procurement processes that are tailored to the Client’s unique needs and delivers maximum value for their projects. With an annual spend of over $18 billion, Bantrel and Bechtel have the purchasing power to meet the procurement requirements for projects.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Local Expert-Global Reach

Local Expert-Global Reach

Capability Across Markets

Capability Across Markets

Integrated EPC Services

Integrated EPC Services

Full Range of Services

Full Range of Services

Bantrel’s Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) systems are seamlessly integrated, with automation tools that manage supply from model, FEED, execution and completion.

Bantrel has extensive experience in the module fabrication and transportation having successfully delivered over 4000 modules through the use of our Offsite Site Fabrication Group.

Procurement Management Process

  • Contracts & Purchasing
    • Efficient and rigorous processes driven by proactive planning
    • Engage the right suppliers at the right price
  • Expediting
    • Data, drawings, deliveries, suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • Supplier Quality
    • Field and shop quality management programs
  • Traffic & Logistics
    • Ensures appropriate transportation resources are employed in the global movement of equipment and materials
  • Materials Management
    • Right product at the right place at the right time

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Bantrel has one of the most experienced Procurement teams in Canada. Our focus on employee engagement, leadership training, and managing performance ensures consistent and predictable Procurement results for our customers.


We maximize procurement performance by leveraging our experience in local, regional, and global supply markets with our significant market purchasing power.

  • More than 200 local and regional construction subcontractors pre-qualified to our execution and HSE performance standards
  • More than 70,000 Suppliers and Fabricators in Bechtel's Global Supplier Information System
  • Performance data on key Suppliers and Contractors
  • A combined annual Bantrel/Bechtel spend of $18 billion
  • Ability to incorporate Customers’ supply networks and agreements


Our team of experienced engineers has the capability and knowledge to design a variety of plants in multiple markets. From small to large projects in the oilsands and greenfield new-builds to revamps, Bantrel has the broad range of expertise and access to the resources of Bechtel to make any project a success.


We manage complex supply chains through a sophisticated procurement system proven on hundreds of projects in Canada and globally. Our procurement system seamlessly integrates with our engineering and construction systems and can be integrated with common business technologies such as SAP. We also track and manage the flow of material to align with construction sequencing, and a robust set of eSourcing solutions minimizes procurement cycle time and project costs.


We offer the following full range of procurement and contract services to support our projects:

  • Project Procurement
  • Field Procurement
  • Planning and Management
  • Contract Management (formation and Administration)
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Materials Management
  • Supplier Quality Surveillance
  • Access to Bechtel Supplier Quality and Expediting (BSQE) services

EPC Solutions

Bantrel self-performs all major aspects of EPC planning, design, procurement, and execution. We differentiate ourselves in the competitive environment by self-performing and controlling your project’s critical path, assembling a team with operability, maintainability and constructability expertise, and overlaying our proprietary systems and tools that aid transparency and collaboration. This approach de-risks your project and provides predictable and consistent results.


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