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The Bantrel Advantage

Serving customers for over 35 years in the Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Sustaining Capital & Turnarounds, Mining & Metals, Infrastructure, and Power industries, our engineering teams deliver solutions from conceptual development and front-end work to detailed engineering and site support for industrial projects of all sizes and complexity.

Safety In Design

Safety In Design

Our Projects Work

Our Projects Work

The Total Solution

The Total Solution

World Class Team

World Class Team

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

We pride ourselves on producing a quality product that meets our customer’s needs.  Our engineers take an innovative approach to deliver practical and high-quality solutions. By doing this we can help our customers maximize their asset values, improve their competitive positioning, and improve long-term business success. Whether the project is large or small, a new facility, a revamp, or the enhancement of a current facility, Bantrel provides effective solutions that work for any type of project requirement. 

Bantrel has extensive experience in the module design and fabrication having successfully delivered over 4000 modules through the use of our Offsite Site Fabrication Group. 


Our full-service capabilities include an engineering group with a complete range of integrated engineering, design, and drafting services. Our full suite of engineering services includes study through detailed engineering execution supported by the following: :

  • Process
  • Mechanical
  • Plant Layout & Piping
  • Civil/Structural/Architectural
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical
  • Engineering Loss Management
  • Electronic Document Management Systems

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We believe in a 100% safe culture. 

Our engineered solutions incorporate constructibility, operability and maintainability considerations to provide the safest cost effective design. Safety in design is a continuous process, initiated at the conceptual phase of a project and continuously developed throughout the project as more design information becomes available. As better definitions of the hazards are available, mitigation solutions are refined. Bantrel utilizes a combination of several work processes throughout the lifecyle of your project to ensure the final product operates in the safest way possible.


We pride ourselves on producing a quality product that meets our customer’s needs.

As an ISO 9001 company Bantrel is acknowledged by our customers for our leadership, effectiveness and innovation on projects, from front-end studies through to detailed engineering. The quality of our engineering effort is demonstrated daily by minimized rework at the construction site and by the flawless commissioning, start-up and operation of our completed projects.


No project too big or too small

Our team of experienced engineers has the capability and knowledge to design a variety of plants in multiple markets. Bantrel is adaptable and flexible to our clients needs.  We have experience in project of all sizes in both Greenfield and Brownfield facilities. Our people are able to work in on any operating plant ranging from small projects (200 hours) to multi billion dollar facilities.  We have executed projects across Canada from early front end studies to full EPC execution.


With offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto, and Bechtel’s global reach, Bantrel has the engineering resources to execute multiple projects. Bantrel has subject matter experts to ensure that the right people with the right experience are executing your work. Our people have experience on the ground in the sites we work at.  Bantrel understands what they are good at and has developed relationships with subtractors to efficiently execute work.  Our full-service capabilities include an engineering group with a complete range of integrated engineering, design, and drafting services.


Bantrel was one of the first EPC companies in Canada to adopt the use of 3D design systems as the backbone of an integrated project delivery systems. Our world class integration of 3D design systems into procurement, project controls, and construction management systems enable transparent management and planning of deliverables, including the generation of material quantities for budgeting and progress tracking.  Bantrel has developed inhouse capability to produce laser scans and virtual reality walkthroughs.

EPC Solutions

Bantrel self-performs all major aspects of EPC planning, design, procurement, and execution. We differentiate ourselves in the competitive environment by self-performing and controlling your project’s critical path, assembling a team with operability, maintainability and constructability expertise, and overlaying our proprietary systems and tools that aid transparency and collaboration. This approach de-risks your project and provides predictable and consistent results.


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