Job Title: Vendor Quality Surveillance Lead

Date Posted:

Reference Number: B-050-PRO-May18-T

Location: Mississauga (Ontario)


The Vendor Quality Surveillance (VQS) Lead will be the project senior representative responsible for the release of technically compliant defect free materials and/or equipment from the supplier to the project. The VQS Lead will develop, implement and maintain the Procurement Execution Plan to be included in the Project Execution Plan. The Procurement Execution Plan will demonstrate how the project will apply the joint venture VQS process and procedures using competent personnel to complete monitoring and surveillance of suppliers in an efficient and effective manner.

This responsibility can begin as early as vendor identification through to final acceptance at site and the full extent of scope and responsibility will be identified within the Project Execution Plan. As an integral part of procurement, the VQS Lead’s primary interfaces will be engineering and expediting while reporting to the Materials Manager.

The VQS Lead shall have a broad base of skills that will include, ability to interpret design standards, codes, specifications and drawings, ability to apply supplier management techniques, a working knowledge of quality assurance, quality control, quality surveillance processes, familiar with manufacturing processes and inspection and test techniques.

The ability to lead and support a team from both procedural and technical aspects, enables the VQS Lead to play a key project role in ensuring that vendors’ materials and equipment are in accordance with the project requirements.

* Please note this position is not eligible for a relocation subsidy or living out allowance.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the development of proposals and estimates for vendor quality surveillance activities
  • Participate in vendor identification and prequalification as needed to support procurement to finalize successful bidders lists
  • Participate with engineering in criticality assessments against each purchase order package of work
  • Determine the level of surveillance, to be applied against each of the purchase order supply points
  • Develop for each vendor enquiry, the project’s requirements and the level of intervention by the Vendor Quality Surveillance Inspector
  • Develop the Procurement Execution Plan as documented in the Project Execution Plan, to include estimated hours and forecast to complete against each purchase order supply point
  • Overall management of the effectiveness and efficiency of the VQS effort
  • Coordinate and control any internal resources/external agency, ie aligning all inspection resources including third parties with JV standards, best practices, instruments and other information as may apply
  • Establish, implement and coordinate VQS procedures, forms and registers
  • Engage competent resources to perform reviews, monitoring, and surveillance, attend witness and hold point activities
  • Manage and maintain data for reporting and trending
  • Ensure that the surveillance process and the related procedures are approved and remain valid and effective
  • Support the Vendor Quality Surveillance Coordinators to identify and engage the necessary personnel to witness the performance tests and results prior to acceptance and delivery
  • Support the Vendor Quality Surveillance Coordinators to identify and engage specialist consultants with respect to welding/metallurgy and/or Non Destructive Testing (NDT) requirements
  • Assist Vendor Quality Surveillance Coordinators to obtain from the supplier, all documents related to the quality deliverables
  • Coordinate the review of vendor plans, procedures, documents, competency, capability and methodology
  • Consolidate, review and manage all Non Conformance Reports (NCRs) issued in participation with the Vendor Quality Surveillance Coordinator and engineering to identify and follow up corrective action
  • Ensure adequate component resources are available to respond to inspection notification by vendors
  • Facilitate the distribution and notification of NCRs and inspection reports to key project participants
  • Ensure inspections/surveillance activities are carried out in accordance with project procedures, plans and methodology
  • Interface with client, VQS representative, the Quality Manager and project members as required regarding quality issues
  • Coordinate resources to participate in the review of vendor data books for compliance to agreed contract deliverable requirements
  • Providing monthly reports against the vendor quality Key Performance Inspectors (KPIs) to the Materials Manager
  • Facilitate the expedient closure of the vendor quality surveillance deliverables to support the purchase order closeout
  • Introduce training and development to the project to better support the VQS effort.

Minimum Qualifications:


  • Five years in a similar position
  • Ten years demonstrated ability in a position as a VQS coordinator or senior inspection engineer where a management function of people and deliverables was a requirement
  • High degree of technical aptitude and familiarity with various materials and supply items
  • Demonstrated experience with quality control and quality assurance
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of ISO 9001
  • Good knowledge of rules and regulations to be applied for inspection and testing activities
  • Excellent understanding of project execution, especially in an EPCM environment, with a strong materials management focus
  • Clear understanding of the limitations and boundaries for each party’s deliverables and their responsibility for each in regards to quality assurance, quality control and quality surveillance.


  • Experience with global vendors and suppliers
  • Demonstrated managerial experience and or trained
  • Engineering or technical knowledge and or experience.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and cover letter, in MS Word format, to mentioning reference code B-050-PRO-May18-T in the subject line.

We thank all candidates for their interest; however, only those candidates selected for further review will be contacted. All other resumes will be retained for future consideration.


Please submit your resume and/or cover letter in Word format only.


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